We treat you like family, because that's what you are.

Our ambassador program is an exclusive group of individuals who enjoy our products so much that they want to share their love for Indigo Sock Co with their friends and family.

Is that you?

If it is, then keep reading.

Our program is unlike most all other ambassador deals. instead of just giving you discounts as reward for your sales, we actually pay you real MONEY.

Does that sound good? Okay, keep going.


How it works:

1. We will set you up with a first order discount to get you started with a supply of socks.

2. Then, we'll set up your discount code for your followers. It will be for 10% off their entire order.

3. From there, you can go crazy and post about the socks. Take cute pictures, give your review, and don't forget to tell them about your discount code.

4. When someone uses your code, we give you 10% of the cost of the product. (example: they buy $50 worth of socks, you get $5) We will send you the money directly through Paypal.

5. BONUS: You will have a lifelong discount for yourself of 15% off. Plus, if you do well with sales, there are extra surprises.


So how does that sound? If your're interested,